Kirsi Harra-Vauhkonen appointed to the Salomaa Yhtiöt Board of Directors

Kirsi Harra-Vauhkonen was appointed a member of the Salomaa Yhtiöt Board of Directors on 22 October 2018. Harra-Vauhkonen is Sanoma Pro Oy’s Managing Director.

Harra-Vauhkonen’s previous positions have included managerial roles in sales and marketing at companies such as Google, Nokia and Publicis.

“Kirsi is an experienced professional in the marketing and media sectors. She will provide the Salomaa Yhtiöt Board of Directors with a strong understanding of international markets and digitalisation as well as the customer and partner perspective. Our company is moving to a phase of international growth, and Kirsi will be a key player in the strategy work,” says Chair of the Board, Ossi Pohjola.

“Salomaa Yhtiöt has an ambitious strategy and a solid base for developing new operations. It’s very inspiring to be involved in the next phase of the company as the marketing, media and sales sectors are changing,” says the newly-appointed member of the Board of Directors Kirsi Harra-Vauhkonen.

The other members of the Salomaa Yhtiöt Board of Director are Ossi Pohjola, Tomi Salomaa and Klaus Salomaa.

Antti Kärävä started as Salomaa Yhtiöt’s new CEO on 1 May 2018.